Interaction with the environment

This set of projects deal with the interaction at a pre-exhibition level. They build on top of previous projects’ developments on software and hardware, but focus on a more “classic” approach for the show making all the technology invisible for the audience.


# Site specific, data visualization, sculpture, environment, architecture.

Series of site-specific sculptures, created by the accumulation of hundreds of pieces based on climatic data captured in the environment of specific buildings.

The sculptures offer an alternative vision of such spaces, delving into the unique characteristics of each one as well as the relationships they establish with their surroundings.
But, compared to the analytical study from which they start, they make up an interpretation of the data beyond the analytical visualization, a volume of subjective form with which we can relate according to our senses, equally malleable.

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Receptive Environments

# Site specific, data visualization, wood engraving, environment, time.

Series of wood engravings that show the environmental changes of the space in which they are exhibited, analyzing the different natural processes that take place there, as well as the different rhythms in which they occur.

Environmental data from a specific location is analyzed and visualized as a form reminiscent of a plant: a growing organism that slowly evolves from image to image. Burned on thin wooden sheets by laser, it moves away from the digital imaginary, approaching something as natural as leaves left to dry between the pages of a book.

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Interaction with both, the user and the environment

This project acts as an intermediary between the previous and the next body of work. It comes from a more interactive point of view, as a “machine-like” type of artwork, while it got me deeper into the generative and data visualization processes.

Whatever happened, Happened

# Interactive installation, data visualization, wood engraving, environment, time.

The growth rings of a tree are an image that by itself helps our understanding of change over time.
This interactive installation makes that process visible.

It burns in real-time, adapting to the audience in the room during the exhibition lasts, hundreds of rings on a wooden sheet using a low-power laser. So, like a tree that leans in the direction of the Sun, the rings fill up the material altering their shape and thickness based on the flow of movements of the public within the room.

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The audience and their space

This set of projects deals with the interaction with the audience, understanding the installation as a catalyst to set up an experience in which they are submerged by means of subtle interaction (without direct interface).


# Interactive installation, sound, emergent behaviour.

Modular interactive installation composed of resonance tubes distributed in the space, along with a flow chart on the floor that visualizes its internal relations system.

Standing erect on the ground and apparently isolated in their positions, but defining a greater composition, when we enter their space the sound begins to flow from them.
Soft, humble sounds, that vary in type and tone, getting in synch based on our presence and position in space… in a continuous adaptation.

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# Interactive installation, persistence of vision, sound.

An interactive kinetic installation which, by means of a long piece of rope, represents a series of waves floating in space, at the same time that they produce sound by the physics of their movement while “cutting the air”. Light and sound as a single element.

As we stay in front of it, depending on the number of people and their movements, it will go from a stable line without sound to chaotic forms of irregular sounds (the more movement there is around) through different stages of sine waves and harmonic sounds.

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